MTS Recovery Coaching

Our recovery coaches help people find ways to stop addiction through many different methods including, but not limited to: abstinence, reduce harm associated with addictive behaviors, spiritual channels and by using and identifying what already works for each individual person.

MARSTE Training Services (MTS) purpose is to utilize our coaches with Mary Hubbard's supervision as a recovery guide to help the consumer in reaching their recovery goals.

We believe that individual growth comes in all sizes of successes.

We like to meet the consumer where they are at so that we can start with a safe and realistic plan. We do not believe in telling a consumer what to do. We utilize techniques that will bring out the client's personal motivation and goals, then we utilize that motivation to support the consumer to meet these goals in a realistic and achievable manner. We truly believe in respectful communication, self-determination, empathy, and the consumers right to be who they are. In addition, the journey to recovery comes in many different forms and we are excellent at finding that journey for our consumers who are referred to us.

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